Wow! Another babywearing fashion show!

Fashion show tapes by Jessica from BWI, in three parts:




Pictures taken by May from BWI:

First hours of the Expo Pics
Sloppy Remix of pics


Babywearing Fashion Show

Not everyone gets to see what babywearing looks like. Have a look at this two part fashion show so you can really get a feel for lots and lots of baby carriers, worn correctly and modeled beautifully!

Part 1 of the babywearing fashion show
Part 2 of the babywearing fashion show

These are all the baby carriers that are modeled in the babywearing fashion show.


Hysterical babywearing mama

Just saw this listing. Too fun!


Baby Sling Raffle!!!

We just donated a sling to support a member of TheBabyWearer.com who is in a very difficult situation. Here is a great opportunity to snag a sling for very little money, while helping a friend in need.
The Baby Wearer Raffle


Shallow Beco Babywearing Love

Okay, this is totally ridiculous. Every single time I get a new shipment of Becos in, I fret over which one to take for myself and I sell off the previous one. It's a luxury for sure, but it is fun to see something new and fresh.

I have been without a Beco for over a month now. I went to visit my sister-in-law a few months ago. She had a baby recently and was going back to work. I brought her a variety of baby carriers to try and she fell in love with my Beco. I was happy to give it to her! She looked so happy and comfortable. It's so funny because I am 5'11" tall and she's just 5' tall but that didn't make any difference.

So, this was goodbye! This is the last shot of my wearing my beloved Carnival Beco. I have missed it and the bright colors. Usually, I am okay with moving on to a new print. But this time, I really was sorry to let go of the colors and concerned that I'd never be able to get the same print again. I was so relieved that the Carnival print is still available.

Here is my sister-in-law wearing her new Beco and loving it. She left me a message recently telling me how great it's working out for her when she drops her baby off with her mom and goes to work. I am so glad that the transitions are easier.

I wondered when the Becos arrived if I'd choose a different print like I normally do. Was I done with the Carnival? While examining the pictures, I totally fell in love with the Cocoa Butterfly. I have learned that it's not just my opinion that matters. I once made the mistake of not asking my daughter which one she liked. She absolutely refused to get in that Beco. I think it was brown swirls. She had been cool with green swirls but brown swirls were a no go. Weird! Stubborn little thing! (The photo of her in brown swirls Beco is a trick; it's actually the green swirls and I tweaked the color in PhotoShop. You can tell because the hood design changed by the time the brown swirls came out. Okay this is total Beco geekery but someone somewhere is nodding now, saying, "Mmm, hmm, yup, I remember that. ") The concensus in the house was to stick with the Carnival Beco so now I have a brand new one.

Well, almost. I haven't actually taken it out of the packaging. I want to sit with my decision a few days and make absolutely sure it is the one!