Babywearing in the news!

Check out a lovely story about a Seattle area babywearing group. Great information and modeling of a pouch, sling, mei tai, Moshi (soft structured carrier with buckles), wraps (both stretchy and woven).

Excellent questions and information.

Nice job!


Mr. Chocco

Haven't you heard of Mr. Chocco? No? Mr. Chocco is a wrap owned by Paulus, AKA Sling_Dad on The Baby Wearer. He got the idea to send this wrap on a trip around the world. Everyone who has it is blogging about it and putting up pictures on The Baby Wearer forums. Great fun!


Babywearing and Learning Styles

My daughter was just trying to wear a towel - you know - when you wrap it around yourself after you come out of the shower or pool. She's having some trouble getting it to stay up and even after I did it for her, it still didn't stay very long. "How do you make it stay?" she asked me. "I don't know," I responded, "I'd have to do it."

That tells you something about my learning style.

A few months ago I was at a playgroup with a group of local mama friends I've known for years. One mom asked how to put her baby on her back with the Ergo. Her baby was 8 months old. I couldn't tell her! I was pretty much totally confusing her within a few mintes. I haven't used the technique I used then in years and I could no longer explain it! I am so glad I wrote it all down before I forgot how to explain it! Up walks another friend and she says, "This is how Ellen taught me to do it." And she proceeds to redeem me (somewhat) with a flawless explaination and demonstration of the hip scoot.

Blushing, I plop down and wonder where my skills have gone. I've known for some time that my skills were slipping away with disuse, especially little baby skills. But why is that?

I guess it must be due to my learning style. I believe I am auditory, kinesthetic, visual, in that order. Everyone has all three learning styles and an order of preference. All three definitely come into play, but trying to teach a visual person with words is not going to work. Trying to show me is also not going to work. In fact, my learning style has made me a very slow learner for physical skills. I'm not exactly a natural athlete. But once I get something, I'm told I am graceful.

Some people show up at babywearing meetings and are doing advanced maneuvers after having seen it done once. This freaked me out at first but now I know that this is how visual learners do things. My younger daughter is visual or kinesthetic first, auditory last. She sees and does, speaks little. A true natural athlete. My older daughter needs things explained more and holds back a lot. She's more like me. Some people come to babywearing meetings and feel very flummoxed and embarrassed that they can't do it. They require more patience, more words, and more doing. Obviously, they are not visual, so we need to try reaching them via their other learning styles to see which one clicks.

It's helpful to know your learning style to know how difficult this is going to be for you. If you are like me, and you are just not all that natural with physical stuff, don't give up! I can do some super advanced babywearing maneuvers but they took time and perseverence. I used to sit at the computer and watch the videos on mamatoto.org over and over and over! And I'd go practice, all the while playing back the words in my head. I had memorized the scripts! (So did my older daughter, by they way; we'd both say, "Get your baby" in the same intonation as Tracy on mamatoto did - it turns out Tracy is imitating someone else!) So don't give up if it is not coming naturally. It's so worth hanging in there.

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Babywearing in the heat

I am going to pontificate and speculate. I have absolutely no scientific evidence for what I am about to say. It's just conjecture and theory based on my limited experience of having babies, being a mom, speaking to hoardes of new parents and seeing their babies at babywearing meetings, AP meetings and La Leche League meetings.

Babies are hot. And further, moms who have just had babies are hotter than they normally are; their hormones don't regulate until, oh, I don't know, 6 months after birth. Perhaps, just perhaps, this is as it is supposed to be.

Both of my little girls would sweat up the spot around their heads when sleeping so much that the sheet would be wet a good 6 inches away. It didn't even matter if they were underdressed and it was chilly; they still sweated. And I've peeked at many blogs and see others thinking they have the only sweaty little baby. So I'm gonna guess that babies are just sweaty little things.

Okay, so how does this relate to babywearing? Well, babywearing, especially with a newborn, especially for the already overheated mom with hormones still settling after pregnancy, is hot. It just is. And while this is uncomfortable for the adult, perhaps it is not uncomfortable for the baby.

Some people give up on babywearing very early on because it is too hot and they worry it's going to hurt the baby. But if that little baby is sweating up a storm anyway, I can't see that babywearing is going to make that much of a difference. Sure, do what you can to make it cooler and make sure your baby isn't going to get heat stroke or anything like that. But if your baby is sweating, peeing, and taking in liquids, it doesn't seem dangerous to me.

That is not to say you shouldn't try to find the coolest way to wear your baby. Instead of tummy to tummy, on a hot day, try positioning your baby so that there is minimal body contact. One way to do this is with baby's arm and hip towards you. For example, a sling or a pouch used in the cradle position is cooler because it minimizes contact. If using the Ergo Baby Carrier or a mei tai, try positioning baby seated or slightly reclined with both legs out to the side, with or without the infant insert. If at all possible, do a back carry. Back carries with newborns aren't for everyone but if you are inclined to learn, it's definitely much cooler. Suitable baby carriers for back carrying a newborn are wraps, mei tais, and perhaps a pouch in the football position with baby slid around to the back.

The Ergo Lady needs incoming links!

I just did a little poking around and it's just as I'd hoped; people love the hard work I put into creating the Tips & Tricks on http://www.the-ergo-lady.com.
but when people get an Ergo Baby Carrier and blog about it, they always link to the manufacturer's website.

I'm asking you to spread the love! Send some links my way! Blog about your Ergo and the great experiences you had with it. And if you got any benefit from http://www.the-ergo-lady.com, then blog about that!



New and Improved Ergo Baby Carrier

I've been sitting on some Ergo Baby Carrier news for a few weeks now but it's safe to spill the beans now. I didn't want to say anything while I still had inventory that wasn't affected. And in fact, some of my inventory is not affected. But first let me share the news!

The Ergo Baby Carrier has had some great improvements.
  1. The chest straps are now permanently attached to the shoulder straps with a runner and will keep the chest strap in its desired location so it won't need readjusting each time the carrier is taken off or put on. These straps are dyed to match the carrier for a cohesive look.
  2. The hood straps are shorter and snap directly on to the shoudler straps.
  3. The hood has elastic to provide more length due to the shorter straps and will cup around the baby's head.
  4. The D-ring is now just for personal use. It's great to hook a Haba toy clip.
These changes are not yet in the instructional DVD so don't get confused.

What does this mean? Well first of all, no more worring about losing your chest strap. If you want to do a hip carry, you will not have to take the chest strap off for fear of dropping it somewhere when you unbuckle the chest straps.

The sleep hood is going to be so much easier to use. It's now easier to find the runners and much easier to exactly match because you just snap the sleep hood right onto the shoulder strap right where you can easily reach. And when the sleep hood is not in use, you don't have to "put it in park"; I was forever running around behind Ergo wearers and running their sleep hood runners through the D-rings and snapping the runner back to itself. I call this position "park" and it means that the runners are not dangling around and getting in the way. These days will be behind us soon!

Has anything else changed? No, not as far as I can tell. It's still the same high quality baby carrier we've grown to know.

So, the colors that are not affected are the organic denim and the blue with cranberry lining. Everything else is the new version. If you received your Ergo in a box, you can rest assured that it's the latest and greatest version. Enjoy!


I sell a lot of Yamos!

Here is the irony. I have not been able to get my hands on a Yamo since the beginning of this year. I only ever imported a few orders. At some point, Yamo in Israel was not able to fulfil my order and they have not been able to ever since. That has not slowed the demand one bit!

There is only one other company that sold Yamos in the USA; slingzilla.com, and Bianca's in the same boat. (By the way, for those of you in the NYC area, Bianca just opened up an actual babywearing shop, Metrominis. There are not a lot of actual stores with good baby carriers and even fewer staffed by babywearing experts. Everything Bianca touches turns to gold, so I expect great things of this store. I will be stopping by next time I'm in the city.)

Yesterday, I had a conversation that I have had many times. I spent about 30 minutes on the phone chatting with a babywearer. She surfed around, discovered the Yamo and fell in love. Yep, yep, it's the one for her and none other will do. I am apparently at least partially responsible for this match making; it's due to my incessant babywearing babbling that people get so attached to the Yamo. I have found all sorts of creative ways for people to hook up with a Yamo of their very own; eBay, thebabywearer.com's For Sale or Trade forum, and buying directly from a European vendor. This mama yesterday had done her homework! The eBay seller had closed up shop, there were absolutely none available on TBW FSOT, and she just wasn't sure about ordering from overseas.

It was a nice conversation anyway. In the end, she told me to keep on blogging!

Try and stop me!

Oh. And Yamo? If you're listening? Please let me get my hands on some Yamos!


Beco BWD

Rarely do I get all excited about a baby carrier I haven't even tried. Not that I have tried everything that is out there. That is far from the truth. But I have tried a variety of carriers and I love to try something innovative.

So I am very excited about the Beco BWD. I had a lovely chat with Gabby (the designer) about it and it really does seem very clever. I have some coming in not soon enough! My babywearing meeting is next Monday and I so hope my shipment comes before then so I can see it on some moms sooner rather than later!