How shallow should I be?

My youngest is going to be 5 in about 2 weeks. And for the last few months, she is requesting to go in a "carrier" every morning. Before bed, she often reminds me that she wants me to scoop her up and pop her in a baby carrier first thing in the morning. I usually oblige (so long as I haven't twisted an ankle or anything like that).

She likes pink. I do too. But my absolute favorite baby carrier is my Ergo and it's a few years old.

Should I get myself a pink Ergo, now that there is one available? Is that totally nuts?

On the other hand, if I'm going to get a new Ergo, why not try out the Ergo Sport that everyone is raving about? I'm super curious about the fit and extended padding and all the nifty new features.

Oh but this is so silly! She's going to be five! I don't need any new baby carriers!


Babywearing, again, after all these years

My second daughter was early (by my standards) to quit babywearing. She was just three.

I know many people think their babywearing careers are over at 6-9 months when the baby starts crawling and walking, but not so! Once they get over the driving need to be on the floor and master these skills, babies are right back up on your hip, and your babywearing career is back on target for years to come.

With my first daughter, it was me who ended the relationship. She was 4. I was hugely pregnant. She was huge. I just could not manage to pick up a 45 pound child any more. It was awful and if I could have, I would have. But I couldn't. I didn't know about back carries in those days. If I had it to do over again, she'd have been on my back right the way through because it's clearly what she needed. Now I know better.

My second daughter has always been an independent soul. I wasn't ready for her to stop because it's just easier to keep a child out of trouble if they are attached! She certainly challenged me as I chased her through stores if I couldn't get her to stay in the stroller.

She moved into her big sister's room recently. And with this move to further independence came some regressions. Specifically, she needs a lot more contact to make up for being away from me at night. When she wakes up in the morning, she wants to go into a "carrier". I only have a few left in my stash. I have a Beco Butterfly, a super old denim Ergo, and a Scootababy.

She prefers the Scootababy and Beco because they're pink. I still love the Ergo the most. I don't always get to say. It's almost worth getting myself the new pink Ergo. Almost, but not quite justifiable for just about 15 minutes babywearing in the morning.

She's going to be 5 soon, by the way.

If you know me on FaceBook, I've been posting horrible photos (horrible because my hair is a mess).

Peekaru on Ellen

Not sure how long this will be up on youtube so check it quickly! The Peekaru was featured on the Ellen show! And Ellen said (perhaps only in jest, but still!) that she's going to send one to Oprah!

This all started because people were making fun of it. Laugh all you want; wearing your baby and getting the heck out of the house in the cold makes life better for everyone.

Seriously, what on earth do they expect moms to do when it's cold out? Put a stroller on snow and ice? I've lived up north in the bitter cold. It's not realistic to get out and about when it's bitter nor when the ground is not clear. It's much more realistic to wear your baby, and warm covers such as the Peekaru make this possible.

On a more personal note, one of my employees was really suffering being stuck indoors during the bitter cold northern winter. I bought her a Peekaru and the difference it made was amazing. She was able to get some much needed sunshine which, in turn, improved her emotional outlook and of course helped her to be a better mom. Isn't that what we all want?

Laugh all you want at these. Hopefully, you'll be getting one when you have your own babies.

Sorry for long hiatus!

I'm just bursting with babywearing stories! But I managed to lock myself out of my account for a few months. I'm back now and catching up!