How shallow should I be?

My youngest is going to be 5 in about 2 weeks. And for the last few months, she is requesting to go in a "carrier" every morning. Before bed, she often reminds me that she wants me to scoop her up and pop her in a baby carrier first thing in the morning. I usually oblige (so long as I haven't twisted an ankle or anything like that).

She likes pink. I do too. But my absolute favorite baby carrier is my Ergo and it's a few years old.

Should I get myself a pink Ergo, now that there is one available? Is that totally nuts?

On the other hand, if I'm going to get a new Ergo, why not try out the Ergo Sport that everyone is raving about? I'm super curious about the fit and extended padding and all the nifty new features.

Oh but this is so silly! She's going to be five! I don't need any new baby carriers!


Anonymous said...

LOL, Mama, you have an addiction. I prefer the APLX to the Ergo, by a long shot. You might need a couple mei tais though to match various outfits. :P
www.thebabywearerforum.com - welcome to the addiction.

Naomi said...

Heck, yeah,I have the addiction! That's why I have a babywearing business! LOL! But no more babies coming so not all that reasonable to get a new baby carrier, even at wholesale, with a 5 year old, purely because it's pink!!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

So you're saying it would be wrong to have a baby so you could get the carrier... Interesting.

skt said...

Why do you like the ergo over the beco? I'm looking at both. I've never tried either but just like the appearance of the beco better. But I'm curious about how they wear differently.

Babywearing Sales & Consulting said...

Sorry for the delay! I was away.
To truevineherbs - ha ha ha ha! :)

To skt - I am in no way saying the Ergo is better than the Beco! Not at all. They both have advantages and looks, in my book, count high enough in the points that I often reached for the Beco over the Ergo even though I found the Ergo more comfortable. It is very individual which one will work for you and you can see people debate the finer points on thebabywearer.com forums. For me, the extra padding on the Ergo suits me, and the cut also helps baby sit better on my tall (5'11") frame. The Beco Butterfly has a unique insert which dictates where the baby is and for me, that means a bit more weight on the shoulders than with the Ergo. For a shorter person or someone with a shorter waist, that would not be the case.