Putting a Scootababy Through its Paces

My daughter is now 5 1/2! Can you believe it? I've been babywearing for close to ten years. I guess you can't call it babywearing any more with a five year old! And I can only get away with it because she is a peanut. My older daughter was out of the weight limits for comfortable carrying by around 4 1/2.

A few days ago, she asked for a ride in a pink baby carrier.

Yep, we have some of those! She chose the Scootababy. On the way to our first errand, she requested a true hip carry.

On the way to our second errand (the grocery store), she requested a front carry. I think it's funny that she still knows her way around each baby carrier well enough to be able to make selections like this.

While shopping, she surprised me, requesting a back carry. This is actually the most convenient for me and it's super easy to do with the Scootababy. In fact, a back carry with the Scootababy is arguably one of the easiest ways for a novice babywearer to do a back carry. You just put baby in properly and then slide them around (or bounce them around). There is perhaps a bit of untangling of limbs but most anyone can manage without coaching.

I rarely get to wear my daughter any more, but each time, I savor it. It is always at her request and it means she needs to be close to me. For the same reasons I've always loved babywearing, I am grateful. I get to nurture my daughter while being able to get on with my life.

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