New Ergo Infant Insert: Heart 2 Heart

Ergo has totally redesigned their infant insert! The new design is called the (Heart 2 Heart) and is much easier to use than the previous model.

Have a look!

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Ergo has come out with an infant insert that strives to assure safe, proper spine positioning for your newborn. The Heart 2 Heart supports your baby properly.

Note that Ergo only endorses using the Heart 2 Heart in a tummy to tummy positioning (see * below), and that is fine, but Jennifer was more comfortable with the baby sitting sideways and found this positioning made it easier to assure proper positioning for her little baby. He is four weeks old and 13 pounds in this video. The Heart 2 Heart is designed to be used from newborn to around 4-5 months, and by using the side-sit positioning demonstrated, it will more easily accomodate a larger baby who may not yet be long enough or ready for the legs opening positioning. Most babies hit that milestone at around 3-5 months.

Ergo Heart 2 Heart

*ERGO does NOT recommend that the Heart2Heart be used in any position but the upright - hence the name "Heart to Heart". The most recent research has indicated that this upright position is optimal for supporting baby's developing spine, hips, and pelvis, and ensures that no weight or pressure is put on these important areas as they grow.

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