The Ultimate Hip Carrier

Well it's official! I am feeling the love! I have been waiting six
years for the Ultimate Hip Carrier and I finally have it! It is not
only gorgeous, but it is so
comfy and easy to use. I have never been a huge fan of slings because
they just feel too heavy after about 10 or 12 pounds. But by
transferring some of the weight to the hips, I'm not feeling like I
have to carry such a huge pull on my neck, shoulder and spine. The
shoulder strap is wonderful. It's so easy to adjust and it doesn't ride
up my neck like the Walking Rock Farm baby carriers that I used years
ago. I even contacted that company with my suggestions years ago and
while they were extremely nice, they never fixed the issue. I tried
taking my carrier apart and replacing the shoulder strap but I'm just
not that handy a seamstress! I am so thrilled with the redesign of the
EllaRoo Mei Hip baby carrier. It is, without a doubt, the Ultimate Hip

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