If you could design the perfect Ergo, what would you change?

Calling all New Generation Ergo Baby Carrier fans: If you could change anything about the Ergo, what would it be? Anything at all? Color? Measurements? Features? What would make it absolutely perfect?


SoBeBabies.com, Inc said...

I'll start.

I would offer some new colors. I would always have the lining match the exterior color.

I would put the buckles from the Classic Ergo shoulder straps on the NG Ergo - they loosen more easily.

I add a petite size.

Anonymous said...

On the shoulder straps, use the old buckles as they are easier to release. The new ones work but it is more difficult to find the tabs to loosen them up.

The chest strap can only go so narrow. The shoulder strap attachment part gives too much play to the chest strap. This needs looking at.

Elizabeth said...

I would use softer material. So maybe offer one in microsuede. That would feel soft and hold up to daily use, just like furniture :).

I would put a zipper on the top of the very front pocket.

I would make the hood completely detachable. I never use mine and prefer to use a baby hat.

Despite these suggestions, I still LOVE my Ergo :).

Erin said...

I would also make the hood removable, for toddlers that are too tall to use it, and I would make is somehow more comfortable on the neck to use in the hip position.