Thank goodness for my Yamo baby carrier!

Today I screwed up! I was supposed to have gone on this tour of an historic house with a local homeschool group yesterday but I, ah, showed up today. Oh well! So, rather than my kids having a grand time hanging with other kids, we got the undivided attention of the tour guide who felt it best to turn up the volume every time my kids had something to say, leaving me feeling torn. There he was asking questions of me, my 7 year old wanting to ask questions of him, and my little one rather bored and rambunctious.

Luckily, it was mostly that my little one was tired, and eventually, she was willing to climb up into the Yamo baby carrier and requested in our code to nurse. (For those of you who don't have a code word, I highly recommend it! My first daughter was highly verbal and there is nothing like standing in the checkout line with a toddler shouting, "I want to nurse!!!" to get your temperature up!)

Without breaking eye contact, I was able to continue answering his questions and listening to his loud spiel, continue telling my 7 year old, "Just a second," and get my little one latched on and nursing hands-free so we could get through the rest of our solo-tour.

Next time I show up on entirely the wrong day for something that really isn't that kid-oriented, I am not sure I will stay. It's a shame you can't really tell that in advance. Oh well, I enjoyed the tour! And I think my kids actually did too, thanks, in no small part, to babywearing.

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