2nd International Babywearing Conference 2008: Carrying The Future

Hope to see some of you at the next babywearing conference!

I wasn't able to attend last year and I am not yet sure where we'll be in 2008. Will my younger daughter be old enough? Will my husband be able to get the time off so he can come too? These and other exciting answers will unfold over the next months. Meanwhile, I'm an armchair attendee for sure!

Oh and speaking of armchair conferences, last week was the BabyWearing Bonanaza in New York City and the press is pouring in! I already have gotten a few phone calls and emails from people who attended. One complaint was the crowds! What a great complaint! Seriously! How exciting that is that so many people are getting on board with this exciting new trend (ha ha ha ha I can't seriously say that! There isn't anything new about babywearing!)

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