Beco hate, Beco love, AKA, a lesson in listening my girls

When my last batch of Beco Baby Carriers came in, a few months ago, I was, as usual, very excited. You'd think opening packages would get old having been in business for as long as I have, but no. As long as it isn't marked "RETURN", I'm jazzed about opening packages and examining new inventory.

But still, the Becos have a special place in my heart.

Last time around, I studied all the photos of the prints and ordered an extra of the one that I wanted for my personal use. But while I was putting them away, both my girls chose a different one over the one I had chosen. I couldn't imagine it mattered all that much so I went ahead with my choice.

Well that was a pretty stupid idea. A few days later, I got home and had a lot of stuff to carry in, and not only would my toddler not get into the Beco, no way, no how, she insisted that I take it off my waist. That's right, I could not even have that thing strapped on. I had to carry her up just with my not at all free hands. I had no backup baby carrier so I was pretty irritated. A few days later, the same thing happened. It got to the point where she simply refused to get into that baby carrier. I was starting to worry that it was uncomfortable.

So when the new shipment came in last week, I gave her the choice of which baby carrier will be hers. She and my other daughter picked out the carnival. It is gorgeous and probably loads more appealing to children than the brown swirls I'd gone for. Oh heck, my husband even picked out the carnival print. Now, when she sees the Beco, she says, "I like that", and she is more than happy to get in.

Lesson learned!

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