Soft Structured Baby Carrier Comparison/Review

People are always asking lots of questions about which is the best baby carrier or the best of a certain style of baby carrier.

That question has no answer, only personal opinion, largely because we're all built differently.

Here is a great article about Soft Structured Carriers by Slingdad (who I was really looking forward to meeting at the Babywearing Conference but unfortunately, he couldn't make it).

Here is an SSC comparison chart with features at a glance of the most popular buckle carriers.

The best place to go chat about the subtle nuances is The Baby Wearer's forum on Choosing & Using an Asian Inspired or Soft Structured Carrier.

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Valerie said...

This is a great article on product reviews for baby carriers. I thought I might share this link as well that I saw on Mahalo.com as one of the user recommended links (where I saw this post as well :) ). http://wize.com/baby-carriers/t776-newborn ...It's the top 10 list of user recommended baby carriers for newborns. Hope this is useful as it was for me!! :)