Babywearing causes pain, according to Motrin

By now, you have probably seen the ad that Motrin came out with over the weekend. If not, you can view it here:

One of the things that offended me about this ad is the assumption that babywearing has to be painful. Do shoes have to be painful? I have spent untold hours educating parents on more comfortable baby carriers and how to use baby carriers properly. Not all baby carriers are comfortable for all people but there are much better options out there in the last few years. Check out thebabywearer.com and babywearinginternational.com and get educated! Babywearing is not going to go away, just like shoes are not going to go away. Both just get better and better! I for one do not take a pain killer when I mistakenly buy a pair of poor fitting shoes.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I saw it too. She actually seems as she's not advocating baby wearing AT ALL, and trying to discourage it.

I have many children, and in all my years of motherhood and using accessories(can I call them that?) used for soothing babies. I found that baby wearing is at THE TOP of the list, I consider it essential, and will encourage my children, when they have kids to also use them.

The psychological benefits for both mother and baby are so worth it to me.