CPSIA Impacts on Children's Apparel Industry

I don't like to post about stuff that I don't fully understand, but something has to be done. So I am sharing what I currently understand the situation to be and I urge you to do your own research, come back and comment, and spread the word.

I just signed this petition mentioned below. It is all very confusing but it looks like there was legislation enacted that baby carrier manufacturers in the USA all missed but that could affect all manufacturers and perhaps put them out of business if they are found out as not having done the required expensive testing. The deadline is either November or Feb. The intentions are obviously good, but something seems misguided about it all. It seems it would require every single type and color of fabric or other material to be individually tested. And there seems to be an underlying assumption that baby carriers are more like a toy, than, say, a mom's coat, if you see what I mean; the latter would not be subject to the same requirements. Many things around the house get mouthed by babies. This legislature seems designed (intentionally or not) to put the industry out of business.

Here is the petition link:

More information: http://www.fashion-incubator.com/archive/national-bankruptcy-day/


kathleen said...

Please don't neglect to mention Fashion-Incubator which has been spearheading this effort among small producers. You can get updates there.

Baby Carriers Backpacks said...

This testing is probably a good idea. Babies that are riding in a baby carrier backpack often chew on the materials similarly to a toy.

If you don't test for lead and other contaminants then things could get bad like they did with the contaminated toys.

Although it's a hassle for the companies... it's still better to be safe.