Introduction to SSCs at Babywearing Conference

So I'm teaching a class at the Babywearing Conference in Chicago in June. The class is Introduction to Soft Structured Baby Carriers. I was thinking I could get a little advanced but then I realized that my class is during the open day so beginning babywearers may be there. That is totally cool; babywearing advocacy is so important to me and I do believe that buckle carriers are more palatable to mainstream parents.

So I am totally open to what to cover. I was going to do as much of the material on The Ergo Lady's Tips and Tricks as I could. And I want people to get to try at least one carrier. I haven't started planning so I am open to suggestions!


Jenny said...

How about covering the Scootababy as well? I think it's pretty mainstream and quick and easy like the Ergo. Maybe even easier for beginners.

SoBeBabies.com, Inc said...

Yes, definitely the ScootaBaby! It is my ideal hip carrier; I was a tester for this wonderful product and it is everything I had dreamed of! I have my stash plus loaners, so just to give an idea, here is some of what's coming:

Ergo NG
Beco Butterfly
Patapum (baby & Toddler)
Olives & Applesauce
AMC II (Active Mom Carrier)
Dream Carrier
Kanga XT SSC
Onya (Sit 'n Sling)
Tentoes Click
Ergo Classic
Beco XO
Angel Pack LX (APLX)
Beco BWD
Beco Fourth Generation