Beco Butterfly - a Whole Different Animal!

I am confident about a lot of things and especially about babywearing. I am confident enough to look foolish and to have fun making fun of myself. I had a grand old time this week laughing at myself because I walked into a consultation without too terribly much of a clue. And it was at Starbucks, no less, so people were looking on. What the heck!

I only watched the Beco Butterfly DVD once some 2 months ago and only tried the carrier once as my little one doesn't allow me to use any new carrier more than one time. And she's nearly four now, so pretty soon all I will have is weighted dolls. I sort of had the basic idea, but that was a while ago! Now I have no DVDs to review while my carriers are being repaired.

So when I peeked inside and showed her where her baby was going to go, I wasn't even sure! Too funny!

Because of the recall and the fact that the carrier we were using has not yet been repaired, I decided we'd use it in a way where the buckle issue couldn't come into play. So we just put the carrier on her first and slipped baby in from the top. I can't tell you which part her baby wound up in but it all made sense.

To look at this carrier being worn, you really can't see much of a difference from any other soft structured carrier out there. But believe me, it's totally different to use.

I'm glad I had this little experience and got to see it on someone else. There are a few adjustments. Like a frame backpack, baby goes in and gets fitted, and the other part of the carrier gets worn by the parent and adjusted. Other carriers just hold baby up against the wearer and are adjusted only in one part of the carrier. Well sort of. Broad sweeping generalization.

Let's just say that the Beco Butterfly is just like a frame backpack but without the frame part! I hope that clears it right up! I so wish I'd taken a few photos of mine while I had it!

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