Where did mamatoto.org go?

Oh no! I was at a babywearing meeting two months ago and I was sharing a resource that I've always shared. It's where I learned how to wrap. It was the start of everything for me!

We were at Ruth's house and she pulled out her laptop to bring up the website. And it was.....gone! What? Must be something not right. I knew there were two sites, the other being WearYourbaby.org, but for some reason I could never remember that name so I wasn't able to share that link with the group until later.

A few days later, I had occasion to share again. Only this time, both links were gone! Aaagh! What gives?

I immediately contacted Tracy Dower, and she said that she'd let the registrations expire but that there was no longer a need for these sites as youtube has lots of videos now.

Say what???? I, and lots of others, immediately offered to lend a hand. I would so hate for these amazing resources to have gone away.

Well I just got this lovely email from Tracy.

As you may know, Mamatoto.org and WearYourBaby.org expired while I was drowning in morning sickness (expecting triplets at end of summer). I no longer own the old domain names (Mamatoto.org, WearYourbaby.org), but the web host will recover all the content and place it at this new domain name. If you could spread the word, that would be great.

Thanks. :-D
Tracy Dower

And so, you may now find the information here: SimplePiecesOfCloth.com


Jami Delgado said...

I was wondering what was going on! I noticed it's back up now. I also learned how to wrap from that site. Yes, there is YouTube, but it's not the same.

Laurel from bella stella said...

Thank you Tracey! I have been referring people over and they were coming back all quizzical! We need you now more than ever!