Babywearing is in Danger! Please join the BCIA

Recent CPSC reports have led the public to believe that all baby carriers are unsafe. This is partly due to their misuse of the industry accepted term "sling" to describe the recalled Infantino product. It is also due to their advice that certain baby carriers not be used in the first few months. They are attacking some companies with safe products who have had the misfortune to have had a baby die in their product. This would be like recalling a mattress because someone died in their sleep. Okay, perhaps not exactly, but the cause of death would have been related to misuse of the product or other extenuating circumstances. Hotslings, a major manufacturer of safe baby carriers, has announced they are closing, in no small part to the public misconception of babywearing being unsafe. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Vendors, babywearing advocates, and supporters from around the world are scrambling to try to change this trend. An organization called the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance has formed and is actively seeking members at this time. Please, please join this organization and find out how you can help save the future of babywearing. Yes, the need is that dramatic.

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