Angelina Jolie is babywearing!

Everyone saw [Angelina Jolie] wearing her 4-month-old daughter Eunice Mae in a Baby Björn in some magazine. Terrific! When the movie stars are seen babywearing, it suddenly appeals to more people and this is wonderful.

However this does not make a baby carrier of this sort a wise choice. Just because the stars haven't properly educated themselves as to all the options out there, doesn't mean the rest of us normal folk can't make a great decision on a baby carrier. An Ergo Baby Carrier, for example looks quite similar but you can continue wearing it for years!

If you want to pay pretty close to $100 and only use your baby carrier for a few months, then be stuck lugging a stroller, go for it! But I seriously recommend doing a bit more research. Babywearing is so lovely, not something you just want to do for 3-6 months. Strollers are heavy and awkward and they put a separation between you and your child. All babies are treated like little movie stars, not just those of the actual movie stars! Hey, this is probably why the movie stars are so drawn to babywearing. It's just safer to have your precious little movie star up close.

Check out the other baby carriers that are out there and don't think you have to limit yourself to just one baby carrier.

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