Picky, picky!

My daughter just turned two! I know! Can you believe it? And lately, I've noticed she's so particular about her positioning when I wear her in the Ergo. If I try to put her on my back and she's not in the mood, she protests and wriggles. If I try to put her on my front, and she was in the mood to be on my back, same thing! She's even requested a hip carry a few times. Adorable!

The good news is she is once again more willing to be my model. For at least her first 16 months, I could use her to demonstrate any baby carrier and any position in my NINO babywearing meetings. Then she started having too much fun playing with the other kids and didn't want to be interrupted. Now, when she seems me playing around with my Reborn doll, she usually decides she'd rather be picked up.

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