Babywearing and The Ergo Lady

They say to do what you love. It has taken me my whole adult life to get here but I have found my bliss. I teach babywearing and sell the best baby carriers.

What the heck is babywearing?

Babywearing is the best little secret of parenting. Babywearing means just what it sounds like: using a baby carrier, your little one is secured to you like part of your outfit.

Babies who are worn are right up with the action, seeing whatever mom or dad is doing, so there is no need to fuss or complain of boredom or discomfort. No need to run away to get some attention. Since little one is so close to mom or dad, she’s getting constant physical contact and is secure. Need to nurse? The snack bar is open! Tired of nursing? Baby goes on mama’s back or on daddy.

Babies can tend to get disorganized after too much stimulation or when they get tired. Babywearing gets them sorted right back out.

My favorite reasons wear baby
  • I have 2 children and need to tend to the older
  • Sometimes I like to eat. Babywearing enables me to have free hands so I can prepare food.
  • Travel is so simple with a baby on your back and no stroller to check.
  • Strollers can’t go on gravel, up stairs, on sand or in some places like museums.
  • It is difficult to get strollers in and out of the car, especially if you are holding your baby.
  • The baby fusses while you’re struggling with the stroller.
  • The baby demands to be picked up anyway and then you only have one hand to use to push the big heavy stroller.
  • When you are in someone’s house and it’s not child-proofed, having a baby carrier will save you.
  • Sleepy babies want to be held.
  • The bond is so much closer when you touch your little angels a lot.
  • You really can nurse hands-free and get other things done. I did not believe this with my older daughter. Believe it.
Things to look for in a Baby Carrier

A well-designed baby carrier, such as the Ergo Baby Carrier, is comfortable for the parent and baby and ergonomically correct. Some of the baby’s weight is supported on the wearer’s hips and some on the shoulders. The baby’s legs should, in general, be together for the first few months. An exception to this is if the baby has hip dysplasia. At around three months, when baby naturally chooses this position on her own, her legs should be open. Some experts have expressed concern with the growing trend of baby carriers that have baby supported mainly by the crotch. There is concern that this can lead to hip dysplasia. Anyway, I am certain that I would not like to be suspending dangling by my crotch. Also, small babies should be worn facing the parent. They are simply too vulnerable to be facing out, soft belly to the world, as it were. When worn facing in, they can still see plenty of what is going on around them, but they can check in with mom or dad and connect whenever necessary and hide if required.

Where to learn more

You can learn all about the Ergo Baby Carrier from TheErgoLady. You can learn about babywearing either online at thebabywearer.com or find a group that meets you by looking up your area on the NINO website, ninenineout.org.

By Ellen Sandoval, Babywearing Consultant and Babywearing Educator. Ellen owns and operates SoBeBabies.com, Inc and TheErgoLady.com and works at home with her two lovely girls underfoot.

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